AtlanTec Festival 2023

8 - 18 May

We are currently working hard on our programme for 2023, check back soon for further updates.

Programme 2023

EdUTec April - May

Introducing cybersecurity awareness as part of the core curriculum in primary & secondary schools.
Students will be taught how to keep themselves safe in the online environment, including:
  • How to identify dangerous online content like phishing emails and online falsehoods.
  • Cybersecurity-related topics such as safeguarding personal information when using internet, social media and hosted on the Student Learning Spaces or other education platforms.

Helping to ensure that students are equipped with cybersecurity knowledge and skills to use technology safely and responsibly in their day-to-day lives.

Date: April & May 2023

If you are a teacher and would like your class to available of this Cybersecurity workshop, please email

Thursday 11 May

Key Note Speaker

Details to follow

Tuesday 16 May

This is a in person event dedicated to Cyber Talks details to follow.

More Details to follow

Networking Opportunities 

Diversity & Inclusion

Jon’a Joiner, Head of Global Inclusion & Belonging at Genesys, is a seasoned strategist who knows how to adapt to change and crisis when the stakes are high. She is deeply passionate about the employee experience and creating equitable pathways to success. Her mission is to help organizations develop a resiliency mindset, strengthen culture, and create a sense of belonging.


Prior to Genesys, Jon’a spent several years as a corporate communicator, where she led total rewards, employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion communications, was a key thought leader for diversity recruitment and retention, oversaw business resource group councils, and partnered with HR to establish inclusive awareness and employee engagement initiatives across multiple campuses.  


Most recently, Jon’a led her own consultancy firm, JFJ Group Consulting, where she helped organizations (such as Amazon, Louis Vuitton, Humana, Michigan State University, and others) develop tailor-made solutions to develop, engage, and retain women and people of color. Through her experience as a communicator, Diversity & Inclusion practitioner, consultant, and speaker, Jon’a has learned that the key to sustainability, employee well-being and success is to create actionable strategies that enable professionals to do more, be more, and achieve more – and bring their full selves to work. 

Jon’a is a lifelong learner. She’s a graduate of Spelman College, Bellarmine University, and Cornell University. Jon'a is an Intercultural Development Inventory certified administrator and sits on the board of several organizations in the Louisville, KY area. When she’s not working or being managed by her 5-yr old tiny boss Zoe, Jon’a is thinking about her next wellness retreat getaway.

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Wednesday 17 May

Automating Injustice

Complex adaptive systems (e.g., human behaviour and social systems) are inherently dynamic, messy, ambiguous, incompressible, non-determinable, and non-predictable. Due to their incompressibility, neither datasets nor models can capture complex systems in their entirety. Instead, large scale datasets and predictive models pick up societal and historical stereotypes and injustices and are marked with various failures. Subsequently, individuals and groups at the margins of society pay the highest price when AI systems fail, while the most privileged and powerful corporations benefit. Yet, discussions of AI ethics tend to be abstract and based on visions of alternative realities far-fetched, sci-fi based, and devoid of current concrete realities.  In this talk, I: i) emphasize the challenges of modelling complex behaviour, ii) argue that equitable algorithmic systems need looking beyond technical solutions and require broader structural rethinking, and iii) highlight that visions of alternative realities need to be informed by and grounded in current realities. 


Abeba Birhane (PhD) is a cognitive scientist researching human behaviour, social systems, and responsible and ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI). She is a Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI at Mozilla Foundation. Her interdisciplinary research explores various broad themes in cognitive science, AI, ML, complexity science, and theories of decoloniality. More specifically, she examines the challenges and pitfalls of computational models and datasets.

AI Talks

Details to follow

AI Talks

Details to follow

AI Talks

Details to follow

AI Talks

Details to follow

Friday 18 May

This is a in person event dedicated to the future of software development.  

Details to be confirmed 

Sports & Social May 2023

AtlanTec Tag Rugby World Championship 

VENUE:  Corinthians RFC, Tuam Road Galway

DATE: tbc

TIMES:  Blitz from 18:00 till late 

COST:   €120 per team (min 7 players, max 10 players – mixed format min 3 ladies)

Prize Giving, Food & Beer from 20:30

Whether your company is a seasoned tag rugby campaigner or ready to take part in their first tag tournament, the AtlanTec Tech Tag Rugby World Championship is the perfect event to kick start your Tag Rugby Season.

Your team is guaranteed at least 2 x 10 minute matches (weather permitting). Most teams will also then qualify for a further knockout game, where they have a chance of winning a prize.

Après AtlanTec Tag Rugby Party
After the final join us for the prize giving, final wrap up party for this year's AtlanTec Festival with music, burgers, beer and other entertainment especially selected for Techies!

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