The Festival

The AtlanTec Festival is held throughout April and May and consists of a series of wide-ranging information technology themed events, of interest to IT industry professionals, community groups and those in education.

The Purpose

The purpose of the AtlanTec festival is to showcase Galway’s diverse technology culture and to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration within the IT, Business and Educational communities in the West of Ireland.

The Events

The comprehensive AtlanTec Festival events calendar covers technology products and concepts, current industry themes, interest group meet-ups, community technology, educational technology and much more.


My impression of the AtlanTec Festival has just been incredible, this has been the most fun conference I have ever been to, and I’ve gone to many around the world.

The people are warm, I’ve learned a lot of new words, I’ve had incredible fun and made lots of friends. And whats really powerful is, normally you go to conferences and you don’t get to interact with other keynote speakers or the people who are really hosting it, I felt like I was embraced and brought into the family and had the opportunity to find new mentors.

As a CEO its so important to have a mentor and the time to speak with colleague who have either been there or done that before so we can learn from their successes and failures so you don’t have to repeat some of the things that you are struggling with.

I am honoured to be here, I feel super honoured to be alive but so happy that I took the time to come here and I think its changed me even more.” – Ramona Pierson