Kathryn Lynch
Delivery-oriented Innovator, Programme Manager & all-round Problem Solver

I do my best work troubleshooting business challenges and creating ‘future state’ operating models to solve them, combining strategic thinking with tactical implementation.

Throughout my career, I have transformed businesses by implementing strategic, digital technology platforms, portfolio management, performance coaching, re-inventing business models, organisational management/change, entrepreneurship and innovation.

My specialties include:
* Applying focus to ambiguity and sorting the ‘wood for the trees’.
* Making good decisions with imperfect information.
* Implementing large, complex programmes of digitally-enabled change.
* Growing enterprise employee engagement and collaboration with on premise and cloud-based MS SharePoint/ O365 Platforms.
* Developing enterprise innovation capabilities with the design and implementation of collaborative innovation networks, helping smaller organisations compete in a rapidly changing talent market.
*Industrial cluster development and leadership
*Coaching and developing change management and innovation leadership skills .
*Developing and growing intrapreneurship and corporate venture strategies and capabilities.