Gary Short – Freelance data scientist, cloud scale analytics, AI and ML expert

Data Science, machine learning, predictive analytics, amateur trader and sports betting. Currently working on propensity and uplift modelling in the Telco industry vertical.

Gary is a huge crowd favourite of the Atlantec Conference 2019 will be his 3rd time presenting. He offers huge insights into what is happening in the Microsoft world of AI and Machine Learning as it applies to real world situations.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : How I won £500 at Royal Ascot And What That Can Teach You About Data Science

Machine Learning is simple when you have lots of labelled data, but what do you do when the system you’re trying to predict is mostly stochastic in nature? In this fascinating talk I’ll explain how we can combine data science techniques to tame the stochastic nature of horse racing and make some remarkably accurate racing predictions. I’ll use these techniques to live predict the result of a race running on the day, and we’ll make a small bet on the outcome.