Brian Jordan – Head of Innovation and Industry Solutions at Cisco : Director at CoinTrain

Brian Jordan has over 30 year’s experience in the IT industry and has worked for many major multinationals during this time including Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Dell and currently Cisco. Brian is Head of Innovation & Industry Solutions for Cisco Ireland positioning Cisco’s Portfolio in IOT, Security, Data Centre, Cloud and emerging technologies. A key deliverable of his role is helping customers on their digitisation journey to enhancing the customer experience, workforce experience and business operations through technology. His career has included position in pre-sales, project management, consultancy, sales and business management. Brian holds a BSc Honours Degree from UCD and ACCA Qualification in Finance.


A new technology called ‘Blockchain’ or ‘Distributed Hyperledger’ is emerging that has
the potential to be as disruptive and transformative as the arrival of the ‘Internet Era’. This
technology has the capability to fundamentally change the way business processes and
transactions are handled between people, businesses and devices. Blockchain is the
technology underpinning the rise of cryptocurrencies like ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Ether’ which allow
peer to peer transfers of anything of value (e.g. electronic cash). This talk will introduce blockchain
technology fundamentals and its potential for industry disruption.