Aidan Finn – Large Scale Machine Learning in E-commerce

Overstock is a billion-dollar company and one of the top 50 online retailers in the world. We have a team of almost 20 Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers who build ML systems that help drive sales on our site.

Aidan Finn is a Senior Developer and Data Scientist in the Machine Learning group at Overstock. He has 18 years professional experience as a software developer with a focus on the practical application of Machine Learning. He also has a Phd in Machine Learning and has published several papers on using Machine Learning to understand text. When not at a computer he can occasionally be spotted running or surfing in the wilds of Sligo.


In this talk I will give an overview of Machine Learning at Overstock including:

– Describe some of the things we use ML for

– How we build, deploy and evaluate our ML models

– Outline the various tech-stacks involved

– Challenges and lessons from using ML in an Enterprise setting