About Atlantec’17

In 2017 we the conference returned to its original title “The Art of Software Development” due to the wide range of subjects covered; microservices, continuous delivery, cloud encryption, infrastructure as code and lean business development.

Once again the conference featured a world class line up of speakers from across the globe who converged to provide insights and provoke discussion. The 2017 conference moved across town to NUI Galway to facilitate its expanding numbers, with over 250 delegates attending from across the country.

Speakers such as Sam Newman, Jose DeCastro, Andrei Alexandrescu, Ann O’Dea, Phil Estes, Dr Niamh Shaw, as well as Brenda Romero and the ever popular Gary Shaw gave their views on the current and future trends within the industry.

The 2017 Conference was the culmination of 2 month long technology festival where Galway companies opened their doors to the technology community to showcase the innovation taking place on our door step.