Julianne Chaloux –
Senior Software Engineer at Genesys

Julianne Chaloux is a Senior Software Engineer at Genesys where she develops production ML systems for customer experience and call centre applications. She has an MSc in Computer Science (Data Analytics) from NUIG. She is a former computational linguist, eye-tracking machine calibrator, and preschool teacher. Julianne decided to learn how to play the drums and code to annoy her older brother, but only stuck with the latter.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : ML Tools for the Real World

Julianne Chaloux from Genesys will present on production ML tooling. Throughout this talk, she will present customer journey optimisation use cases, to highlight the challenges of applying state of the art machine learning techniques to real world problems. Main topics will include model training at-scale, prediction serving in real-time, and the transition from experimental code to the production environment. The talk will include discussion of both cloud and on-premise ML tools.