Joanne Sweeney – Social Media Specailist

Joanne Sweeney is the CEO of Digital Training Institute and founder of Public Sector Marketing Pros.

A life-long learner she holds 11 academic and professional qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.

A published author, will publish her second book next in 2019 on how Government agencies should be leveraging digital communications.

Joanne is a speaker on stages across the world and later this year will tour Australia with her book and deliver training to senior government officials in partnership with global company Public Sector Network.

She has also taken to the TEDx stage and describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur. Joanne shares a story of pulling herself up by her own bootlaces to create a life where she can be creative, passionate and experimental.

Joanne will host the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit in Dublin next month attended by 200 public sector marketing professionals. She’s also a podcaster and recently launched her weekly YouTube Show called the Public Sector Marketing Show.

Follow Joanne on Twitter @jstweetsdigital or connect with her on LinkedIn.