Inigo Viti –
AI Practice Leader, Data and AI Expert IBM Cloud and Cognitive Services

Delivery leader in cognitive computing with 19 years experience in international consulting. Senior delivery consultant focused on business transformation programs.

Core expertise in question/answer solutions that leverage machine-learning algorithms. Thought leadership in the creation of delivery methodologies for new and innovative technologies.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : Putting Watson AI to work in the Enterprise

IBM Watson competed inthe quiz showJeopardy! In 2011 and beat the legendary champions of the game. The first commercial applications of Watson saw the light in 2013. Since then,IBM has been helping enterprises transform their business into higher value propositions through the usage of Watson AI. But anything novel and transformational does not come without its challenges. AI is not magic. Watson AI is domain and industry agnostic, but it needs to be trained. And AI is definitively not the solution for every single business problem. The use case has to be appropriate and there has to be data to support it.Come along to hear about how Watson has evolvedover the last few yearsin this fast and ever changing space, what are the most common patterns of AI implementation, how companies are embracing AI to transform their business tostay ahead of the competition and some of the lessons learnt along the way.