Denis Rivin: Futurist, art historian and entrepreneur.

Associate partner at advisory firm DareDisrupt. Founder of public education platform Of Course Off Course and co-founder of think tank Nordic Bildung.


TEDx-speaker and author of world’s first children’s book on technological unemployment.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : Critical Optimism in a Complex and Confusing Time

We live in a time of radical change with technological development changing everything around us: The way we think, work, feel and play. The way we socialize and communicate. The way we live, and the way we die. Everything is moving faster and future has never been this unpredictable before. That can feel very stressful to many people, I really get that. But personally, I find hope herein because to me it means that future is extremely malleable – we can shape it! And never before has future been this much up for grabs; this much up to you and me to shape.