Colm Harte – Overstock

Colm Harte is Machine Learning Analyst with Overstock Sligo. He has a passion for prediction and has spent the last 6 years working with Data Science teams in Dublin and Hong Kong. Now with Overstock, he is focused on providing customers with better delivery estimates using ML. Colm has a PhD in Physics from UCD and has previously worked for Paddy Power, Accenture and DemystData.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : Enhancing Customer Experience with Machine Learning

From personalisation to supply chain, machine learning is now at the heart of many e-commerce companies. In this talk Colm will discuss multiple machine learning use-cases for e-commerce and in particular how Overstock uses ML to improve their product offering and customer experience. Overstock is a US based online retailer generating almost $2 Billion in revenue last year.