Catharine Bowman – Medical Innovator

Catharine Bowman is a medical researcher and public speaker with interests in novel pharmaceutical technologies, therapeutic imaging, and more broadly, utilizing innovative thinking to approach societal healthcare challenges. In 2008, Catharine’s mother was diagnosed with stage-three metastatic cancer. Following two major surgeries, Catharine’s mother developed lymphedema, an incurable and lifelong disease affecting the lymphatic system. At the age of 14, Catharine set out to create the first pharmacological treatment for lymphedema. Now seven years later, Catharine is a well-established lymphatic researcher, implementing therapeutic imaging and novel research technologies to further design and research her original pharmacological therapeutic.

Catharine has presented her research across North America, receiving accolades from medical experts and researchers alike. In 2015, Catharine initiated a speaking campaign called “Let’s Talk Lymphedema”, a talk series focused upon education, innovation, and advocacy for under-recognized medical conditions posing a threat to the health of global populations. Through Catharine’s innovative mindset and determination to facilitate pharmacological development through modern technology, she hopes to inspire the next generation of medical researchers, clinicians, and technologists.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : A Journey into Uncharted Territory: The Use of Novel Lymphatic Imaging and Research Technologies in Improving Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Throughout history, scientists and medical personnel have become fascinated with the intricate structures and systems that compose the human body. At 20 years old, Catharine Bowman is no different, as she utilizes novel research approaches and medical technologies to better understand the intricate functions and diseases of the lymphatic system. As one of the youngest lymphatic researchers in the world, Catharine currently leads two research efforts at the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) that will pave the way in understanding the role of the lymphatics in diseases such as cancer, obesity, and lymphedema.

Catharine will introduce the audience to her journey as a young medical researcher, inspired by her mother’s diagnoses with cancer and lymphedema. She will then explore how the rapid advancement of medical imaging technologies has led to the exploration of the lymphatic system as a unique mediator of human disease. Catharine will conclude her session discussing how such technologies have been implemented within a clinical setting to improve diagnostics and therapeutic approaches for those treating diseases with lymphatic involvement.