Andrew Simpkin – Lecturer in Statistics, NUI Galway

Andrew is a Lecturer in Statistics at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI, Galway. His research focusses on longitudinal data analysis, functional data analysis, genomics and data science. His work on many interdisciplinary projects across medicine, engineering, biology, sociology and sports science. With interests in applied statistics and data science, developing methods and tools to work with people in a wide variety of disciplines. These collaborations often lead to questions which require novel theoretical statistical approaches.

Atlantec 2019 Talk : Data science in professional sports

Professional athletes undergo continuous testing to monitor their health and fitness status throughout the competitive season. In this talk I will profile some approaches to using these data to allow athletes to avoid over training and optimise their performance. Data are available from sources such as biomarkers, GPS monitors, movement sensors, wellness questionnaires. Having a range of data sources is a fantastic resource, yet collating and analysing these data is problematic due to repeated measurements which yield irregular, sparse data. I will give an overview of models capable of handling such scenarios and demonstrate some web applications currently in use in professional sports teams.