In-Company Event – Smartbear : API’s for Humans and Computers

Every day, new software systems are being developed to add more and more value to our daily lives.  Whether it’s an image service to store your family’s memories or a medical system for a doctor to help treat a cancer patient, growing capabilities and complexities in software have necessitated fast and reliable communication between different systems.  Add billions of connected mobile phones, IoT, and cloud computing, and it becomes clear that communication is an essential element in the digital world.  The Swagger Project was created to allow humans to easily describe how computers should communicate, and has accelerated this critical aspect of computing.  We will discuss how Swagger has changed the landscape for APIs, and where they are going next.

Date: Thursday 27th April
Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Location: Mayoralty House, Flood Street, Galway

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