Dr Niamh Shaw, Irish engineer, scientist and performer is passionate about awakening people’s curiosity and merging performance and theatre with communication, engineering, science, art, and technology. She is interested in pushing boundaries in telling the human story behind science, particularly through Space themes, creating science events for both family and arts audiences. Niamh provides specialised communication, ideation and futures workshops in the private sector and academic/research institutes and is a keynote speaker on thought leadership and creative mindset in the workplace.

Niamh promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) careers and women in STEM in her public speaking activities and contributing on national TV, radio, and press. She has spoken at a number of events including TEDxUCD and & World Science Festival, Brisbane and Scintillating Science with Dara O’Briain during Science week 2016. She recently co-founded a communications training centre for academics and researchers, in collaboration with University College Dublin and Tyndall Institute Cork. She hosts STEM-related events for corporate clients and the general public including Bright Club, Dream BigShakespeare Lives in Science. She also writes a multimedia column aimed at adults to encourage new ways to engage with STEM, Socialising Science for the online journal Headstuff .