It’s that time of year again when Galway comes alive as visitors flock to various festivals and events that the city has to offer. One such event this year is the AtlanTec ‘17 Technology Festival and one of those visitors is a gentleman by the name of Andrei Alexandrescu a Romanian American language programmer and author who will be speaking at this year’s festival. It was the urge to share things with people, his anticipation to meet some great folks, and the beauty of Western Ireland that he listed as the deciding factors that helped him make his decision to take part in this year’s festival.

Andrei grew up in Romania until the age of 28 and then moved to the United States where he now resides. He cites a combination of personal disposition and random events that lead him to his current career consulting and training in all aspects of software system design and development. Alexandrescu helps people to write faster software and in this fast paced world states, “Given the ubiquity of devices we interact on every hour of every day, anyone can appreciate how making them faster would be beneficial.”

When asked what life skills one could take from the world of programming and apply to the real world he stated, “Somewhat tragically, all programmers need to become adept at debugging, which is reining in amid a chaos of indescribable complexity. We establish baselines, change one thing at a time, create hypotheses and conduct experiments to verify them, and most importantly change the way we do things to avoid the same problems in the future. This is an important skill in a lot of real-world situations, whether you do a home project, fix an appliance, or even improve the quality of your relationships and parenthood.” Although already accomplished in his field Alexandrescu thinks his greatest achievement is yet to come.

Alexandrescu plans to make the most of his stay in Galway commenting; “First off, I’m looking forward to interacting with the festival folks outside the normal schedule. Many friendships and collaborations are forged that way. Also, I plan to rent a car and drive around to see places.” Make sure to book your tickets for this year’s festival early to avoid disappointment.