“An Innovators Journey”

Ramona will speak on her career & life journey to date and her outlook on the future of IoT, Big Data & AI.

“Be willing to take risks and innovate; hold on to your vision- if you are innovating into the future, understand that it is difficult to explain something people have never experienced before so be prepared for the 1000 no’s you get from investors until you get the 1 yes – GRIT – is the most important trait for an innovator entrepreneur”

With a fascinating backstory that has been deemed worthy of the big screen (she just signed a movie contract with Sony and TriStar pictures about her life) Ramona began her career in the Marine Corps  but following a tragic accident she returned to school and began the journey to become a neuroscientist and educator. Ramona decided to focus her time on innovating and advancing the neural, cognitive and educational sciences to bring personalized learning into education.

Prior to her current role Ramona flexed her entrepreneurial skills when she started “The SOURCE” (the first web based Social Learning management system and data warehouse). She then went on to start a not for profit “Learning without Borders “which brought virtual learning to post-apartheid schools in South Africa. She also launched “SynapticMash” a personalized learning product acquired by Promethean in 2011.

Ramona was recently nominated for the prestigious Anita Borg Technology Leader Award, which is one of the highest honors for women in technology. Just some of her previous accolades include being named one of the top 100 coolest people in Technology by Business Insider, winningthe 2014 Stevie Award: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Products and Declara being named one of the 2014 Silicon Valley’s Hottest Companies: