Edmund J. Sutcliffe has a wide range of experience in building complex, tightly integrated systems which he carries out in a platform and vendor neutral manner.

These include the deliveries of innovative desktop solutions for universities, colleges and businesses in cost constrained environments on multiple occasions throughout his career.

His breadth of experience in addressing a wide range of problems from the embedded market through to the largest of central government ERP and CRM projects has allowed him to spend time communicating and sharing ideas, patterns and concepts across a range of industries.

His creative implementations include one of the first interactive media systems, involving broadcast and enhancing the delivery of scale to said systems.

He regularly spends time teaching a range of subjects, techniques and approaches as well as the details of implementations of technology ranging from networking, through storage, to virtualisation and enterprise architecture. Also, he is well versed in teaching the security required for the implementation of these systems.

He is directly approached to cut through the political fog of complex problems and tasked with applying a creative approach to their delivery. This careful systems thinking regularly leads to elegant solutions which are tightly integrated with the business needs of his client and communicated both to the board and those operating as well as supporting these systems.

He knows how things ought to be and he speaks and acts with a true passion to push the world forwards while being dynamic and enthusiastic in his approach, delivering elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. This directness of approach crystallises decision making leading to cost savings while in financially constrained climates and more reliable delivery by making best use of equipment in place, ensuring best value in terms of third party costs and showing an appreciation of scalability.

His ability and efficacy in getting the job done and his ownership of a project makes it real. This, coupled with his generosity of knowledge, his ability to transfer how-to-do-it data to in-house teams, ensures the benefits of his skill set remain in place long term.

With a client list including such names as; Tesco Bank, Barclays Bank, Marks and Spencer, HMRC, Transport for London, Sky, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, KPMG, IBM and SAP Edmund has helped shape a significant portion of the modern technological and business landscape.