21st Century Innovation in an 18th Century House

By 2020, analysts predict that many billions of “things” will be connected to the internet enabling a wealth of innovation. Technology drivers to get to the billions include, price, miniaturization, power conservation and communications. Buildings can be turned into smart buildings, this is straight forward when building from scratch but what about retrofitting to existing buildings, this is costly and hard to do? The talk shows show how emerging IoT technologies can turn existing buildings into smart buildings. It doesn’t come much harder than an 18th century grade 2 listed building which is used as a proof point where character and ambiance must be maintained and listed building regulations met.

About Dave

Dave for many years has enjoyed playing in what is today called the Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting up “Things” is not new or novel but the approach taken and emerging technologies enable a vast range of new and innovative uses. 
Pre IoT projects worked on over the last 20 years include connecting up pipelines in deserts, the first pay as you drive insurance scheme and an early pay per mile city car project. A key driver for business is the knowledge that IoT is an evolution and not a revolution. 

Dave is an evangelist for IoT both in business helping build IBMs IoT ecosystem and applying lessons learnt over the last 20 years but also enjoys using it for fun outside of the office both at home and for education. Dave is passionate about the use open technology, a key driver for IoT be it open standards or open source. He has worked on a number of open source projects and standards with a heavy focus on MQTT a fast emerging protocol for connecting “Things”.Leading up or rather down to working on tiny things at the edge of the network. 

In a previous incarnation Dave has worked on mainframe, mid range and pc based compute platforms, including transaction processing and messaging systems that drive many of todays financial systems. Even though a sensor and a mainframe are vastly different, lessons have been learnt and are being applied to IoT. Core to these being data is king.