Opinion Mining from Social Media for Stock Sentiment – A practical overview

About Brian

He is a Research Fellow & Adjunct Lecturer (formerly a software engineer at Sun Microsystems)  at the Insight NUI Galway Centre for Data Analytics.  He is leader of the Knowledge Discovery Unit (KDU). He is currently coordinator and PI of the H2020 project SSIX: Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeX. He has worked as project manager and natural language engineer within the architecture and knowledge management work packages of the highly successful FP6 project NEPOMUK and contributed to the recent FP7 Monnet project.  His doctoral research has been published and widely cited within the Controlled Natural Language (CNL) and Semantic Web communities and recently joined the Organising Committee of CNL 2016. He over 7-8 years research experience in Natural Language Processing and its intersection with Semantic Technologies, Ontologies and Linked Data.