Jon will present real examples of real tests developers have written (anonymously), using his cyber-dojo app ( He will discuss how the tests can be improved and what core lessons these improvements can teach us.

He will present some fundamental principles of testing, often from an unusual angle, which hopefully will provide some illumination.

About Jon
I’m 30 years old (hex). I’ve loved software since I was 10 (dec). I run my own software consultancy specializing in practice, people, process, agility, test driven development, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking. I built to promote deliberate practice for software developers. I’ve worked with Accenture, Aviva, Cisco, Ericsson, Friends Provident, HP, Microsoft, Opera, Ordnance Survey, RBS, Reuters, Renault F1, Schlumberger, Tandberg and many many more. If you don’t like my work I won’t invoice you. I’m the ex ECMA TG2 C# convenor. I’m the current ACCU conference chairman. I’ve had some C# books published.

Twitter: @JonJagger